@FreeTheYoke Presents – #SummerOfMOVE

Believe it – the 2018 Summer is almost here. Yep, it starts on June 22nd and that means SO DO WE!

The #SummerOfMOVE is part contest, part charity fundraiser, part social demonstration project and part fun. The basics are simple:

  • We (The Flying Oxen) come up with a wacky game that you can play with friends and family.
  • You (as in anyone with a body) donate $20 to the prize purse, form small teams and work together in an attempt to win your (and everyone’s) money back on behalf of a predetermined charity of your choice.

The object of the game is to #MOVE more…..but not just any movement….sometimes you’ll be logging training efforts, sometimes you’ll be completing challenges and sometimes you’ll be pushing outside of your comfort zone.

The object of the overall endeavor is to showcase the power of movement by sharing the fun with others – those around us, those we cross paths with and even those who we are only connected to regularly via social media…..all while fostering achievement and building friendships along the way.

If you’re interested in diving in – CLICK HERE TO VISIT 2018 LIVE TRACKING SITE – to get registered and get started!