So you’re ready to start playing in the 2018 #SummerOfMOVE? That is FANTASTIC NEWS – we are happy to welcome you to the game. Now that we’re only a few days away from the start, there are a few details you need to know.

Calendar Milestones:

Ongoing – Players who have made it through step 1 (system test) will continue to receive communications from Flying Oxen Headquarters until the draft is complete. Players who have made it through step 2 (donation) will be invited to the workplace platform.

Wednesday, 6/20/18 @ 8P ET – Registration deadline for round 1 competitors. All competitors who’ve successfully made their donation will be included on team rosters and/or draft. All other potentials will be removed from the list. If you’ve not completed step 2 – get on it soon if you want to be in the game.

Thursday, 6/21/18 @ 8P ET – Rookie Draft. All competitors not otherwise assigned will be drafted to teams. All teams that have not been verified by their captain (THIS LINK) will be merged into other verified teams prior to the draft. Any verified team not able to meet the “league minimum” of 5 players after the draft will be subject to mergers with other existing teams at that point.

Friday, 6/22/18 – The 2018 tracker will be unveiled and competition opens.

2018 Rules of the Road:

We’ve decided to make 2018 a simpler and more direct game. To that end, there will be 3 categories where you can score points for your team:

  1. LOAD IT – track up to 3 efforts per day which, using a simple “time X effort” formula to calculate “load”, will award you points. If you’ve got a team of grinders…..those people who just quietly get the MOVE done without a lot of fanfare….this might be a great category to emphasize.
  2. CHALLENGE IT – each player (and in some cases their team) will have the ability to complete pre-determined challenges, up to 20 across distinct movement “domains” for points…..that’s a lot of challenges. Level 1-10 challenges will be done by individuals. Levels 11-20 can be completed as a group (but not necessarily required if you’ve got a few beast-mode players).
  3. SPREAD IT – as the veterans know and (we assume) the rookies have heard, a BIG part of this effort is to spread the message that “MOVEment is critical to health”….that “making it easier to move can result in better health for society” and many other related narratives. Teams that can help make these messages easy to understand and easy to spread will score points for their team….those who are especially good at it will be memorialized in the FreeTheYoke Hall of Fame (or something).

A few important differences from 2017 –

  • Points will be separately in the three categories…..not aggregated into a single champion. This means “specialist teams” will be able to do what they do best and still win some money for their charities.
  • Teams CAN run the tables….meaning 1 team CAN win all three categories (if they’re good enough).
  • Podium finishes (i.e. teams that don’t win but “place”) will be rewarded if the prize purse gets high enough……but no guarantees… go for the win.
  • We’ve got the tools now to spread a collective message – more to come on that.

OK – we hope you’re ready to spread your wings and take flight in 2018.

The Summer is almost here…..and therefore, so is the #SummerOfMOVE

Thanks for being a part of something awesome,

Mike E. & The Flying Oxen