If you think getting a group of Oxen motivated to fly is easy you’ve clearly never spent time with winged variety. They’re big, slow moving and need a LONG runway to unfurl those wings…..but eventually they get over the inertia and the collective lurch forward becomes a herd on the move and then eventually….momentum. Like anything with that kind of size, they are hard to stop once they get going…..which is precisely the idea.

And so we rev up to another great #SummerOfMOVE.

With that in mind, here are a few headline-highlights for the game this year, new wrinkles included and how we (all of us together) are going to drive the herd even further toward health (as in total well-being) in 2018.


once again, the 2018 #SummerOfMOVE will work to crown a team champion using a points based system. That starts with registration complete STEP 1 HERE


Once again, the 2018 #SummerOfMOVE will award a portion of the proceeds to the winning teams’ charity of choice. It’s bigger than any one of us….it always has been.


Once again, the 2018 #SummerOfMOVE will include an RPE based load calculation across a variety of activities to award points for effort and consistency. Teams with habitual movers will succeed.


once again, the 2018 #SummerOfMOVE will rely on a strong social game to generate broad awareness of the power of MOVE to prevent and reverse disease as well as facilitate total well-being…..HOWEVER, with the new wrinkles added, the winning formula will change significantly.


NEW IN 2018, the #SummerOfMOVE will emphasize the benefits of building movement competence AND confidence and will award SUBSTANTIAL points for those who climb the challenge ladder.


NEW IN 2018, the #SummerOfMOVE will emphasize outreach and inclusion. How you MOVE is more than just a health thing…’s an expression of who you are…’s time to celebrate that!

Look for more details soon…..but for now….build your team.