RULES, 2017 #SummerOfMOVE North American World? Championships

Last Update: 05-17-17


Object of the game: Assemble a team and accrue the greatest number of points.

Prizes: Donations, made on behalf of the winning team(s) designated charity.

Key Dates:

  • May 7th (open registration begins),
  • May 14th (team registration begins)
  • May 16th (Commitment Day for Franchise Players)
  • May 27th (Live Draft 4P ET for Free Agents),
  • Weekend June 3/4 (preseason week 1 announcements),
  • Weekend June 10/11 (preseason week 2 announcements),
  • Weekend June 17/18 (week 3 [final] preseason announcements),
  • June 22/23rd #SummerOfMOVE opening ceremonies, Portland, OR
  • June 24th-Aug 25th #SummerOfMOVE,
  • Aug 26th (Live Awards 4P ET).


Scoring Points:

There are 5 ways in which a team can add points to their team total; each is of varying value, so we recommend you think very strategically about crafting your team.

  1. LOAD IT: Internal training load, calculated as minutes X effort will be calculated across the entire population (active players) at weekly intervals. Each team will be awarded the PERCENT of training load points that they contributed to the entire population during the event-week. Not only should you strive to “load it up”….you should keep an eye on (and keep up with) the Jones’ — because there are only 100 points (total) given each week in this category….and running the tables on even one week can create a significant advantage.  Possible points: 900
  2. STREAK IT: Building a movement habit takes more than just time and effort….it takes CONSISTENCY. The #SummerOfMOVE will reward the streakers (not literally, please always wear clothes). For each individual player that logs something (anything) for 5 of 7 days during the week of play, they will score a point for their team….leaders who can assemble a large roster AND keep them moving consistently will have a lot to gain here. Possible points: Up to 9 per player (>2000 possible currently).
  3. SHARE IT: Getting a population to adopt a new behavior is complicated….but we do know at least 1 thing….humans are hardwired for social interaction and we are OFTEN influenced by the behaviors we witness. Teams who use their social networks to influence others by sharing the experience will score points for their team….each team will be given a unique hashtag to begin using, those who get the most mileage out of it will get the most points….so you might want to draft players with a big megaphone, an influential tone….or the sheer will to post a lot. Possible points: 900
  4. CHALLENGE IT: Throughout the #SummerOfMOVE there will be a variety of challenges that can be completed to score points. Some will be permanent challenges (meaning every team will have a chance to complete them), others will be “knock out” challenges (meaning once a team successfully claims them, the points will be awarded and the challenge will disappear forever)…..The catch? No one will know which is which until the challenge is completed & claimed….so keep in mind a versatile team is probably a good thing. Possible points: 900
  5. BUILD IT: This is a very special category and should be STRONGLY encouraged. A player who submits an OBJECTIVELY-VERIFIABLE personal health-change story during his/her #SummerOfMOVE journey/experience (e.g. blog w/pictures, vlog, pre/post pics, etc) will score points for his/her team….so recruiting a few players who are “ready for change” makes a ton of sense. Possible points: Up to 20 per player (>5,000 possible currently).


Majors, Minors, Franchise Players and “Free” Agents:

Teams will be arranged into either the “Major Leagues” or the “Minor Leagues”. In 2017, we are leaving it up to you to select which league you’d like to enter.

To be in the “Majors” — you will need to assemble NO MORE THAN 10 Franchise Players* and choose a qualifying charity that your team will play for.

To be in the “Minors” — you will need to assemble AT LEAST 5 Franchise Players* (but not more than 9) and choose a qualifying charity that your team will play for.

* A “Franchise Player” is any player who you lock-in to play on your team BEFORE draft day. This means you have to invite them, they have to accept AND they have to agree to a 1 time registration fee of $20 to play a key role in the effort. They will be taken out of the draft once they are designated “Franchise”. We strongly recommend obtaining verbal commitments prior to commitment day, but no one is locked in until we have proof positive they have accepted through our registration system.

**NOTE** You can certainly solicit sponsorship to cover this registration fee. This is an EXCELLENT way for those who are interested in marketing to PTs and health-conscious folks to get some often desired ad-space…AND…since this effort is not about excluding those who might have a financial barrier, we will provide each captain a method for bypassing the fee if it is deemed excessively burdensome.

A “Free Agent” is any player that is not a Franchise Player (i.e. available for draft). Although we hope they too will consider donating something to your cause, there is no fee for their involvement.


After operating costs (promotional items, staff support, etc) which will be capped at a maximum of 10% of monies raised, all proceeds from the #SummerOfMOVE will go to the winning charities.

At this time a qualifying charity includes any US company with a recognized charitable designation (such as Tax exempt status under 501(c)3). We certainly hope you will choose something that highlights the benefits of healthy movement on chronic disease prevention, but that’s entirely up to you. Charities that do not have tax exempt status (pending, etc) will be considered on a case by case basis.

Tracking Specifics:

Load points (“internal load”) will be calculated based on a simple formula of RPE (intensity of session ranked 1-10, typically rated 30 minutes after concluding the session) multiplied by the total session time (in minutes). For example a runner who went for an “easy” (low intensity) run for 60 minutes might rate the effort a 4 out of 10 and multiple that (4) x 60 = 240 load points which will then get added to his/her team’s total for the week.

Since we want to emphasize the daily MOVE habit and to avoid recall bias (or “fudge factor”), with the exception of special events and challenges, only 1 entry per day per player will be accepted this year. Those individuals who wish to do multiple (“block”) entries will be able to do so, however will not be able to receive “streaker” points.

“Shares” will be calculated using social media analytics tools across most major platforms.

Challenge points, in the value specified, will be awarded when OBJECTIVELY VERIFIABLE (by any player) proof of completion is submitted.

“Build out” points will be awarded when OBJECTIVELY VERIFIABLE (by any player) proof of the health-change completion is submitted.


Rebels, Rule-breakers & Policing:

In the case that points, challenge-completion, etc cannot be positively verified (whether no proof submitted or some type of wacky fake-news attempt is made), a captain, on behalf of their team can “throw a flag” in the amount of points under review. #SummerOfMOVE judges will use an “innocent until proven guilty” approach…..transferring points to the flag-throwing team (if suspect is proven guilty) or deleting that same number of points from their team (if suspect is not proven guilty)….we’re all for justice, but we suggest you are use discretion when throwing the flag as our judges are known to use the “this is only a game, we’re having fun for a good reason, no whining” precedent when making decisions. If it’s flagrant….by all means throw the flag….if not, it’ll likely cost you.