Written by Mike Eisenhart, PT (@MikeEisenhart)

Have you ever met someone and instantly known they were a good-soul? You know, the kind of person who cares enough….who not only wants to leave the world a better place…..but has the courage to take the action required? These are the kind of folks I try to be around….because these are the DOERS.  Dr. Monique Caruth, PT, DPT is one of these kinds of folks….not always the loudest voice in the room….but backs it up with action…..THIS is her story.

Way to go Monique!

“So I got my act together”

“Personal story: after graduation and beginning work I paid no attention to what I ate and found no time to exercise saying I had to work all the time. I ballooned up to 260 lbs, [which] affected my breathing. I struggled to breathe while bending over to tie shoe laces; I couldn’t keep up with my 2 year old niece in the park or even push her swing….so got my act together.”

After Monique found herself in the hospital and with an extended recovery she decided to get moving…literally:

  • She got serious about her time in the gym
  • She set goals to be active everyday for a year
  • She completed a few races and events along the way
  • Most of all…she didn’t run from the struggle of health change, but went after it….and shared it with clients, family and friends

And….with that, she got to work….and INSPIRED

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“My transformation has been a motivation to a lot of clients too, both past and present, as they saw the gradual changes. I’m realizing as I go that a great way to establish life long relationships with clients is to share similar struggles.”

Truly, this is transformation….and it’s what happens when the inspiration ignites the will to struggle through the perspiration….and it’s available to everyone.


Mike E.