Scott Johnson M2WM

Welcome to Who MOVES to Work. Here you’ll find profiles of awesome folks who are doing something simple, yet so powerful – MOVING as a means of transportation. Check out this week’s featured Physio – Scott Johnson , PT, DPT:

Tell us who you are: Scott Johnson, PT. I enjoy mountain biking, hiking, resistance training, and Michigan Football (Go BLUE!!). AKA @PTnomad on Twitter

Where do you work? Integrated Rehab – as a co-owner

How long is your commute to work? 2 miles

What is your preferred mode of active transportation? Riding my mountain bike

How long have you been active commuting? Off and on for a couple months last fall, then stopped during winter, now getting back to it a couple times a week since March

Why is movement important to you? I believe I need to set an example for my clients and anyone else I speak with about the profession in regards to physical activity.  As a former athlete, I had a shoulder injury which can be quite painful.  However, if I am consistent with a resistance training program I typically do not have pain.


Thanks for being awesome and sharing your story, Scott! Join Scott and countless other passionate Physios this and every Monday for MOVE 2 Work Monday! Be share to share you photos with the hashtag #M2WM