Welcome to our series of Who MOVES to Work? Here you will find profiles of some awesome physical therapists, assistants or students who are MOVING as part of their daily or weekly commute.

Ty Schmidt, PT, MPTUniversity of North Dakota grad ’99. Co-founder of Norte!, Traverse City’s bike-centric, youth-focused nonprofit (501c3) advocacy organization dedicated to building a more bike-friendly TC by inspiring our young people through bicycles.

Where do you work?  Outpatient ortho PT at Munson Community Health Center in Traverse City, MI.

What is your preferred mode of active transportation?  Bicycle

How long have you been active commuting? 

Over weight and out of shape coming out of PT school, I started biking to work in 1999 to get fit and avoid the traffic in Tucson, AZ where I was  living. I bought a used Cannondale – my first road bike – and committed to ride the 27 km from Oro Valley to work at Health South’s Rehab Institute of Tucson.  17 years later, now in Traverse City, and I’m still riding to work. Every day.

Why is movement important to you?

I like riding bikes. A lot. It makes me happy. Pedaling to work here in TC is a no brainer. Easy, convenient, quick. This short 10 minute ride allows me clear my thoughts and plan the day ahead. It’s also a great way to wind down after work so that I’m ready to go with the fam when I get home.
Thanks for sharing your story, Ty, and for all you do to inspire your community to MOVE!