Welcome to Who MOVES to Work. Here you’ll find profiles of awesome folks who are doing something simple, yet so powerful – MOVING as a means of transportation. Check out this week’s featured Physio – Reah Schmidt, PT, DPT:

Tell us who you are:

Rhea Schmidt, DPT, Neurological Clinical Specialist, Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery! PWR! Certified, LSVT Big Therapist,  Writer of blog PhysioLosophy www.medium.com/PhysioLosophy

Rhea, how long is your commute to work?

It’s just under a mile. For Los Angeles this is a luxury! I walk home at lunch, walk my dog, and walk back.

What is your preferred mode of active transportation?

I love to walk! I think it’s the most underrated form of exercise. 

How long have you been active commuting?

For almost 2 years.

Why is movement important to you?

It keeps me mentally healthy! At work you have to be ON. It’s nice to move, experience the outdoors, get some Vitamin D, listen to a podcast, and recharge!

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