Check this out….we’ve created the first of a suite of (FREE) simple tools for PTs who are involved in the initiative to begin using within their communities.  The idea is simple, if we can get PTs using these tools we can start to nudge them toward simple measures of risk and interventions they can bring to their communities.  In addition, it allows us to create a standard platform instead of re-creating one of the largest headaches in our profession (too many tools and disparate data).

It’s a 2 part process:

  1. One-time registration to use the FTY Fitness Tools can be done by any PT using this form:  — despite the person consenting for email exchange, the form will generate a unique userID for the PT which allows for better data de-identification of protected health information (PHI)
  2. After the UserID is created, PT can begin using the FTY Fitness Tools…..the first of which is the CRF Test (using the 3 minute YMCA step test) —  **USERS will notice that this tool is de-identified to ensure HIPAA compliance**