Imagine how much good could come from a coast to coast, multi-day celebration of health — it could be awesome. So how can YOU help pull it off?

  • Imagine thousands of cyclists, riding in a celebration of health — in complete defiance of injury or illness or disease.  Parents and kids, teachers and school kids, sports teams and clubs or anyone else that can pedal a bike. Would this be good for consumers? Would this be good for society?
  • Imagine a relay style bike ride that was so epic that it mobilized communities to learn about fitness, train for the event and consult their local physical therapist for information/consulting/coaching to avoid injury along the way.  Would this be good for physical therapy? Would this be good for your clinic?

We think the clear answer is yes.  So let’s do it!  I mean really, it’s only a few thousand miles….by bicycle….we’ll just map it and go, seems pretty simple right?

Well, it can be….assuming we have a great group that comes together to pull it off.  So where do you fit?

FTY Teams & Roles Quad1Quadrant 1: Action Heroes These are the doers, the people who are going to get this thing off the ground.

  • Captain: This is a single point of contact for a section of the route
  • Aide Station: These are PT clinics who will (minimum) allow cyclists to fill up on water & use the bathroom and (maximum) will spread the word and make it a community event
  • Route Checkers: These are local folks who can drive the route and make sure it’s safe or help (via captain) plan an alternative.
  • Cyclist Relations: This is someone who will work with the FreeTheYoke team to make sure messages to/from segment riders are transmitted.
  • Cyclists: These are PT professionals who will ride a segment (or many)
  • SAG: These are people who can stay with the cyclists for a section (or many) to make sure they have support needed

FTY Teams & Roles Quad2
Quadrant 2: Freaks & Geeks These are our mavens, the people who have unique knowledge of how to blow this thing up!
  • Content Experts: These are our #BikePT folks who can provide nuggets & pearls on resources & education to our action heroes as needed.
  • Branding Experts: These are the folks who can help us craft our message in a way that resonates.
  • Pop-health Experts: These are the folks who can make sure we’re considering how we monitor and measure the success of this initiative and how to engineer it so that it can grow from cool idea that a bunch of PTs tried to amazing health initiative — the Komen Walk for Chronic Disease.

FTY Teams & Roles Quad3Quadrant 3: Spreaders & ConnectorsThese are the social broadcasters, the people who know people and can get the word out!

  • Megaphones: Bloggers, Podcasters and individuals with a strong social media presence we need you!
  • Floaters: These are people who are tied in with many different groups. They may not be deeply involved with any one particular thing or group, but they’re tied in a little bit with a bunch of them.

FTY Teams & Roles Quad4Quadrant 4: Influencers These are believers, the people who get it and can help others to see the vision too!

  • If you have a personal story about the impact of healthy lifestyle or fitness, this may be you.
  • If you are deeply connected in any one particular group who could benefit from a healthy lifestyle event (products, sponsors, etc), this may be you.
  • If you can sell (figuratively) the idea that preventing disease is better than treating it and the value of having a PT as part of your prevention team, this is DEFINITELY you.