Legacy Challenge



“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” 

― Charles Dickens

“It’s not a joke….wellness is a blessing” 

 ― Anonymous Haitian Man (12:54 in video below)


STEP 1. CLICK HERE or on the “donate” button below and use your credit card to make a tax-deductible donation in the amount you feel comfortable with **ANY AMOUNT IS HELPFUL** as we work toward our $10,000 goal.

STEP 2. NOW (different link) CLICK HERE to attribute your donation to a particular player and supply the information we need in order to issue you a record should you want to deduct the donation you’ve made.



If you made it to this page, it’s because you both got the invitation AND heard our call to DO and BE more.

The person who invited you has taken part in an amazing effort this summer. S/he has decided to push back on the notion that non-communicable chronic disease is normal….or even OK…..and rather has decided to show how the power of movement coupled with some “live, love and learning” along the way can have an impact.

Now, with your help, s/he is preparing to commemorate this amazing effort while we leave a legacy of caring behind.

Please help us in our final challenge, our goal to use movement to raise the final $10,000 needed to start-up a Pediatric Rehabilitation Clinic in Haiti in conjunction with our friends from STAND, the Haiti project (please check out the video at the bottom of the page to get an idea of the STAND mission).

Who is STAND, The Haiti Project?

“People want to be independent”

— Dr. Morgan Denny, PT, DPT (Co-founder, at 10:35 in video)


“If they could just get a little bit of help, they could do so much….and they do”

— Dr. Justin Dunaway, PT, DPT (Co-founder, at 10:56 in video)